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Jabil E-Commerce & Robotics Solutions

E-commerce is growing rapidly with global sales topping $3.5 trillion in 2019, and forecasted estimates placing the industry at $6.5 trillion by 2023. By 2023, e-commerce will account for 22 percent of all retail sales. Impressive.

E-commerce and m-commerce growth is being driven by a variety of trends that include expanding mobile shopping behaviors and online shopping popularity that’s fast, convenient and contactless. Additionally, retailers seem to be playing catch up with Amazon’s robust and best-in-class online and next-day delivery offerings.

Resulting from this rapid growth are new trends in warehouse automation and the acceleration of fulfillment centers. The warehouse automation market is expected to reach $27 billion by 2025. Emerging e-commerce fulfillment center technologies include:

  • PA-AMR
  • AMR
  • PPR
  • Warehouse cASRS
  • ASRS

Investments and innovations in retail automation, autonomous and digitization will only exponentially increase. Are you ready?

Jabil Retail Technology Solutions

As a Retail Innovator, you’re asking all the right questions: How can we use technology to stay ahead of the curve? How can we streamline operations? How can we delight customers across every channel?

Jabil Retail Technology Solutions is designing, building and ramping some of the most complex e-commerce and warehouse automation systems in the industry. These systems include:

  • Robotics – Design, build and test for AMR, PA-AMR and internal automation projects
  • Automation – Developing lines for sortation and pick/decant systems
  • Camera – Active alignment, 3D and miniaturization
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi and cellular, including LTE and 5G
  • Lidar – Design and sourcing
  • Battery – Alternate sourcing and chemistries

Our complete end-to-end capabilities are geared to evolve a retailer’s operations and improve customer experiences. To date, Jabil Retail Technology Solutions has produced more than 1,000 autonomous mobile robots enabling e-commerce fulfillment centers to operate same day, last mile deliveries, and over 10 million cellular wireless modules to ensure “safer at home” orders. 

We’re a solutions and services provider. Retail Innovators that are focused on investing in technology through incremental changes can transform both the customer experience and their own operations. Clients leverage Jabil Retail Technology Solutions “why first” approach to gain insights, drive efficiencies, create new business models and transform customer experiences. 


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