Smart Home Technology Trends 2020

Download the survey report on insight from 215 IoT decision-makers

Download the survey report.

Despite the number of devices flooding the market, the vision
for the smart home ecosystem still isn’t a reality. While mainstream adoption is in near sight, smart home OEMs have a critical opportunity to make their mark in the industry.  

What is the current state and future of the smart home? Where are smart home technology trends headed? We gathered insights from 215 IoT decision-makers at companies that produce smart home products.

What’s included:

  • Key and detailed findings from the Smart Home Technology Trends Survey
  • The biggest opportunities in market growth, investments and new business models
  • Biggest drivers in smart home solution development
  • Challenges faced by smart home OEMs
  • Insights from global enterprises on data communication standards
  • Findings on how smart home OEMs are working with manufacturing partners