ONVI Collaborates with Radius to Speed Delivery of the World’s First Smart Video Toothbrush

“The proof of concept phase was vital. What started as an idea for a video toothbrush soon evolved into a video dental care system for ensuring a more positive experience for users and their dentists alike."

- Emily Kohler , CMO and Co-Founder, ONVI.

“You wouldn’t shave in the dark, you wouldn’t put on your makeup in the dark, and you certainly wouldn’t wash your car while only seeing a portion of it. The same thing applies to your teeth—if you can see what you’re doing, you can do a better job of cleaning and protecting them.”

That’s how it all started for Dr. Craig Kohler, a dentist for 35 years in the Chicagoland area. He was so committed to helping patients better care for their teeth that he invented a better toothbrush! The Prophix, a premium, precision video toothbrush came to life with the help of Radius Innovation & Development, a division of Jabil that integrates product development and manufacturing capabilities to speed time-to-market while lowering risks.