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Manufacturing Agility Realized

Companies are facing extraordinary challenges with compressing product life-cycles, time-to-market pressures, personalization and customization of products. All resulting in decreasing production volumes and smaller batch sizes, which make traditional manufacturing technologies less effective. Additionally, companies are forced to search for real differentiation in their space with operations looking to move production closer to the customer. With local production comes pressures to compress or consolidate supply chains.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) can help alleviate these pressures and enable companies to thrive in this dynamic business climate. This includes time savings by accelerating new product introductions and time-to-production. There can also be significant cost savings by eliminating expensive tooling and fixtures needed for traditional manufacturing. Unlocking the design benefits of AM includes designing parts not previously possible, and part of BOM consolidation also enables substantial value not previously realized.


Transforming the way things are made

At Jabil, we empower the brands who empower the world – it’s our reason for being and the guiding force that drives each one of us every day. In this spirit the Jabil Additive team is transforming the way things are made. We are integrating 3D printing solutions into diverse manufacturing environments around the world. To ensure successful outcomes for our customers we’ve developed proven end-to-end processes that deliver functional parts.


More than a Printer

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is more than part printing. More than prototyping on steroids. Jabil Additive brings extensive manufacturing expertise and rigor to AM in the form of Materials, Process and Machines, integrating them into end-to-end solutions aligned with customer needs and requirements, we deliver production with confidence.


Distributed Manufacturing and Supply Chain 

We are integrating additive manufacturing as a key digital production process, which enables more customer-centric outcomes.  With over 105 manufacturing plants harmonized with digital production systems, Jabil is uniquely positioned to partner with companies to reap the benefits of a globally distributed manufacturing network.

3D PrintingDisrupting Traditional Manufacturing



Additive ManufacturingBetter, Faster, More Efficient

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At Jabil Additive we are ramping operations to provide 3D Printed parts that align with customer requirements. We are bringing extensive manufacturing knowledge and rigor to bear so that customers have confidence in the parts we provide. This includes validation and qualification of the materials, production and post-processing, and 3D printing systems. Tell us about your company and interest in 3D printed parts!