Accelerated Innovation

More Features, Lower Costs, Faster Time-to-Market

Jabil accelerated innovation solutions compress the entire product lifecycle — from gathering user insights and needs to shortening the path to commercialization. These solutions enable customers to respond faster to changing product and market demands while reducing risks and costs associated with design, supply chain, manufacturing, and compliance challenges.

To help customers compete more effectively in the digital economy, Jabil offers:

Innovation and Product Development Consulting Services

A global innovation and product development consultancy, Radius Innovation & Development (a Jabil company) helps businesses define a path to success and then realize it through superior, user-inspired design and execution. Radius has over 20 years of deep, integrated manufacturing experience and capabilities, innovating and designing thousands of products for hundreds of customers. We help companies worldwide:

  • Reduce go-to-market risk. 
  • Innovate the right strategy/solution/product.
  • Accelerate time to market and revenue.

Rapid Digital Prototyping

Jabil’s rapid prototyping capabilities add competitive value to customers with complete user insight, design, build, analysis, and testing services offered under one roof. A cross-functional team drives unmatched concept and UX/UI development, speed-to-innovation, digital service delivery design, and go-to-market capabilities. Our San Jose lab is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including 3D printing, CT scanning, 5-axis CNC machining, finish, paint, and assembly, and cleanroom and testing facilities. Integrated strategy, research, design, engineering, and implementation services rapidly iterate, build, and test innovative customer ideas, enabling proof-of-concept models to be produced in as little as five weeks compared to traditional 3-6 month requirements.

Digital Manufacturing

Jabil is also paving a path to the future by defining best practices and consulting services to accelerate additive manufacturing for large-scale production. With 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, Jabil applies extensive experience with the latest 3D printing technologies, backed by a half-century of manufacturing expertise, to change how products are made. Capabilities include materials development and qualification, process development and validation, and supply chain integration. By using 3D printing instead of traditional manufacturing methods, companies can expedite time-to-market by up to seven weeks. Moreover, customers have realized cost savings of more than 50%.

Supply Chain Orchestration

Powered by Jabil InControl™ control tower and the Procurement Intelligence Platform, intelligent digital supply chain managed services and SaaS applications take advantage of Jabil's considerable industry and domain expertise. Jabil orchestrates over 700,000 parts across a global network of more than 17,000 suppliers sourced from more than 30 countries — part of a global spend of more than $15 billion annually across a diverse set of products and applications in the industrial, energy, automotive, communication, consumer and healthcare industries.



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