Manufacturing Agility EMPOWERMENT

Jabil Is Uniquely Able to Help Companies Quickly Evaluate and Rapidly Set up New Manufacturing Locations with Lowest Risk While Optimizing Customers Outcomes.

“Manufacturing Agility” is our vision to empower customers with the speed and ease of assessing, analyzing and executing manufacturing scenarios that keep their business relevant, competitive and successful in a world of unrelenting change.

Manufacturing agility is the value we offer to customers who need speed, flexibility, efficiency and nimbleness at a time of geo-political uncertainty, daunting competitive pressures and rising customer expectations. Manufacturing agility is especially needed when product lifecycles are compressed due to an accelerated cadence of innovation that has never been seen before. We are able to deliver this value, based on our vision and investments around becoming the “most technologically advanced manufacturing services provider in the world.

We focus on investment and process innovation through technologies like additive manufacturing, robotics, analytics and maybe even VR/AR, as well as our ability to analyze and leverage data to the nth degree, is what will set us apart from the pack, because these investments translate into the speed, agility, efficiency and competitive advantage our customers are desperate through our empowerment.

Regardless of where in the world you need manufacturing solutions; our value is that we deliver technology powered manufacturing solutions that can help them analyze and assess manufacturing options quickly and execute on those options just as quickly, in order to stay competitive and relevant in a world of change.

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