BaRS Mandate

Jabil Circuit, Inc., including its Subsidiaries and Affiliates (“Jabil”) is committed to environmental compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations A number of countries (including the European Union and China) are preparing or have enacted regulations related to certain substances, including the taking back and recycling of certain products after their useful life. Fundamental to achieving compliance is the timely and accurate exchange of necessary information with our supply chain concerning the products we manufacture on behalf of our customers.

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to reduce the amounts of environmentally relevant substances in the products we design and manufacture. Compliance with such regulations and the provision of all relevant environmental data, including applicable recycling data, related to materials, parts, components, and products is required. Supplier cooperation is crucial, and we require this data to be timely and accurately provided by our Suppliers, as we need to know if and to what extent environmentally relevant substances are present in the materials, parts, components and/or products we are provided. This mandate and the Jabil BaRS Requirements apply to all materials, parts, components, and products supplied for Jabil. Our Suppliers are responsible for compliance with the Jabil BaRS Requirements.

Additionally, it is our Supplier’s responsibility to comply with all applicable legal requirements and any terms or conditions otherwise agreed to by and between Jabil and our Suppliers. In the event of conflict between the Jabil BaRS Requirements and any other Jabil or Jabil customer requirement, Supplier will immediately notify their Jabil purchasing representative of any such conflicts, and except where agreed to in writing by the Jabil authorized purchasing representative and Jabil Corporate Commodity Management, the terms, and conditions of the Jabil BaRS Requirements shall prevail. Any deviation from the Jabil BaRS Requirements must be approved in writing by Jabil’s purchasing representative after concurrence by Jabil Environmental and Development staff is documented.