Case Studies

Jabil Customers Tell Real-Life Stories of the Value Achieved Through Partnership

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Jabil Case Studies:

Building Differentiated Customer Value

Ambi Labs

Ambi Labs and Radius Innovation & Development Drive Smart Home Solutions with Ambi Climate 2

Bringing comfort and energy efficiency to homes through a smart, connected climate solution was Ambi Labs’ goal. Radius Innovation & Development helped make it possible with intuitive product design and AI technology that created a truly differentiated solution for its Asian customers.


Athos Transforms the Fitness Industry with Help from Jabil

The science of athletics has reached new heights. From sweat patches that send messages to apps to gauge hydration to sensors in shoes to gauge ideal footfall for speed and strength, science in sports feeds the competitive edge. Athos is poised to transform the fitness industry with the world’s first smart fitness apparel that measures muscle activity, heart rate and respiration in real time.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Soars to New Heights with Product Innovation, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization from Jabil

When it comes to rock climbing, backcountry skiing and mountain sports, Black Diamond continually sets the standard for product quality and innovation. The company’s iconic brands are synonymous with performance, durability and safety in the active outdoor and ski industries -- from their skis, shoes and carabiners to the game-changing avalanche survival kits that ensure the safety of their most adventurous customers.


Jabil Healthcare and Candela Streamline Global Operations to Fuel Double-Digit Growth

Candela is a medical aesthetic device leader, but fast growth and an acquisition had strained their existing supply chain management capabilities. With Jabil, they found a manufacturing partner who would get them up to speed without missing a beat. Through improvements in their design, supply chain and manufacturing processes, Jabil helped usher 11 new Candela products to market in the first 18 months of the partnership – all while maintaining both companies’ strict quality standards.


Coriant Powers Connected Enterprises With Game-Changing Telecom Technology and Jabil's End-to-End Manufacturing and Supply Chain Service

Coriant delivers innovative, dynamic networking solutions to address the evolving requirements of fast-growth companies around the world. As a global leader in the telecom equipment industry, Coriant provides SDN-enabled optical packet transport technology that helps customers optimize network infrastructures as demand for bandwidth explodes to meet the rising tide of video, cloud and mobility applications.


Crestron's Long Partnership with Jabil Elevates and Consolidates Manufacturing and Leads to Product Quality Excellence

Nearly a decade ago, the leading control automation systems company, Crestron, experienced such rapid growth that it had effectively overtaxed many of its manufacturing processes. To accommodate escalating product delivery demands, the company had added more than a dozen manufacturing partners, and the subsequent lack of integration between them fragmented the supply chain while impeding the ability deliver products on time.


Elvie Partners with Jabil To Transform Women's Healthcare

Jabil Healthcare has a unique point of view at the intersection of digital technologies, regulations, consumer behaviors and patient outcomes. This perspective proved invaluable in helping Elvie bring its groundbreaking breast pump to market. A full range of Jabil Healthcare services eased the overall process, starting with technology evaluation and product ideation, followed by device development, engineering, supply chain optimization and volume manufacturing.


Empowering Wind Turbine Innovations: Jabil's Experience Enables Envision's Global Footprint Expansion

Envision has a clear mission to build smart wind solutions that enable a world in which everyone has access to clean, secure and affordable energy. Powered by industry-leading technology, their wind turbines diagnose their own status and perceive environmental conditions. And, when it came to Envision's go-to-market goals of speed and scale, they turned to Jabil.


Jabil's Optical Expertise Provides Epilog with Advanced Advanced Design, Engineering and Prototyping

Epilog’s breakthrough Quantum Definition technology emerged from years of video imaging experience and powerful software that transforms video cameras into smart edge-compute devices. To bring this innovation to autonomous vehicles, Epilog sought a partner to integrate great optics, superior image sensors, trustworthy electronics, innovative software, adaptable packaging and ample compute power -- enter Jabil.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel’s Partnership with Jabil Blends Design, Innovation and World-Class Manufacturing

Jabil’s end-to-end manufacturing services and Supply Chain Orchestration solutions enable Fisher & Paykel to deliver a connected, smart-home appliance portfolio. Jabil’s Workcell Model provides a dedicated, cross-functional team devoted to helping Fisher & Paykel meet high-volume, low-mix and low-volume, high-mix manufacturing and business milestones.


Gigamon Fuels Rapid Business Growth of Groundbreaking Network Visibility Solutions with Jabil Global Manufacturing Partnership

In the critical realm of network security and analytics, you'll often hear the words "speed" and "visibility." Since its founding in 2004, industry pioneer Gigamon has responded by providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service to its customers. And since those early days, they have leveraged Jabil's manufacturing and supply chain expertise.


HP Revolutionizes $12 Trillion Manufacturing Industry with Game-Changing 3D Printing Capabilities and a Powerful Partnership with Jabil

When HP set out to transform the $12 trillion manufacturing industry with the introduction of its new Jet Fusion 3D Printing System, they knew they couldn’t do it on their own. They turned to Jabil for its expertise in high-volume manufacturing and unique point of view on innovation.


Jabil Partners with Ingenico to Accelerate Delivery and Cutting-Edge Seamless Payment Solutions Innovation

Jabil’s long history and deep roots in the payment industry bring unique expertise to the two-decade Ingenico partnership. In addition to advanced mechanical and design capabilities, Jabil continuously leverages specialized experience with wireless and 5G technologies, along with insights from working with other industries, such as automotive, to drive manufacturing process and product development innovations.

Jabil Auburn Hills

Jabil Drives Digital Transformation with the Power of Additive Manufacturing at Auburn Hills Facility

One of Jabil Inc.’s oldest manufacturing plants is also putting to powerful use one of the most advanced digital manufacturing technologies available today -- 3D printing. Design freedom, coupled with dramatic average time-to-market and cost savings are just a few of the gains achieved on behalf of both Jabil and its customers in the Detroit-area plant.


Kymeta Fulfills Promise of Delivering Global Mobile Connectivity through Partnership with Jabil

Anyone who’s ever tried–and failed–to use a connected mobile device at sea, along a rural road, or on a train outside a major city realizes ubiquitous connectivity is more hype than reality. Not only is it unreliable and intermittent -- it is extremely expensive. Until now.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap Catapults the Future of Computing, Empowered by Jabil’s Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expertise

To navigate uncharted tech territory, Magic Leap sought a partner with an ideal combination of engineering, manufacturing and supply chain expertise. Jabil stood out for its intricate and in-depth optical systems capabilities, which complemented Magic Leap’s internal production and spatial computing expertise. The outcome is magic indeed.


Ossia Makes the Impossible a Reality, Built on a Shared Wireless Power Vision with Jabil

The future of wireless power has arrived. Developed by Ossia, a Bellevue, Wash.-based company that has made the seemingly impossible a very real and viable technology. While the idea of wireless power has been bandied about for years, Ossia is the first company to develop a safe, efficient and viable solution that makes it a reality.

Recovery Force

Recovery Force Advances Healthcare Wearable Technology with Seamless Design and Manufacture though Jabil

Recovery Force is an innovative digital health company providing care providers, patients, and athletes with next-generation SaaS solutions through wearable technology. Based in Fishers, Ind., the company has developed a platform technology with the ability to embed shape-changing memory fibers into various types of garments and footwear to produce compressions.


SES-imagotag and Jabil Partner to Propel Global Growth of Smart Electronic Shelf Labels

To assist with growing demand for its innovative ESL solutions, SES-imagotag sought a technologically advanced manufacturer with a global footprint and a proven track record of retail industry success, and Jabil delivered.


Jabil Develops Seamless Partnership with Skullcandy and Delivers Innovative Audio Experiences

In the highly competitive headphone market, Skullcandy stands out by leveraging groundbreaking technology and revolutionary industrial designs in appealing colors and styles. To help them redefine immersive audio experiences and meet aggressive growth goals, the headphone leader turned to Jabil for its global supply chain and extensive experience in acoustics, tuning and electrical engineering.


Jabil Helps Superfeet Revolutionize the Way It Gets Under Foot

"Life-changing," is how Superfeet's VP of Marketing & Product, Eric Hayes describes the company. If you're one of the many from across the world who have improved foot comfort, eliminated pain or boosted performance with the help of their specialized insoles for footwear, you're sure to agree.


Tile Brings a Powerful Solution to Lost & Found

The average person misplaces upward of 3,000 items per year and then spends 60 hours searching for them. Tile is a California-based company that brings a powerful solution to that problem -- a wireless tracking application that helps people find the things they have lost.


Jabil Helps Zebra Digitize Fan Experiences

Zebra Location Solutions builds patented RFID technology that enables various professional sports to collect information one time to use it over and over again. Because the data collection is so accurate and precise, Zebra's customers can leverage that information for coaching, for player health and fitness, and even for fan use in assessing player stats for fantasy football gaming.