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Powering the Retail Ecosystem 

From the warehouse to the store, to your home, today’s retail ecosystem is being transformed by innovative technologies providing a richer, more efficient and personalized world of choice across the value chain.

Jabil is uniquely positioned to help companies stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies so they can deliver exceptional, reliable solutions that meet the changing needs of their customers.

Partner with Jabil, for Today & Tomorrow — Our Solutions Across the Retail Ecosystem:

In Warehouse

Retail Technology Solutions, Robotics, Automation and Payment Solutions

The movement of consumer goods is becoming increasingly automated with mobile robots and automated guided vehicles doing all the heavy lifting. In both distribution and fulfillment centers, regardless of the destination, personalized and efficient fulfillment is a requirement.

Learn how we can help streamline your warehouse operations with Robotic Picking, Sorting, Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems, AMRs and AGVs.

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In Aisle

Retail Technology Solutions, Robotics, Automation and Payment Solutions

Transform your customer experience in the aisle, with products that are in-stock, available, findable…personalized.

From digital signage to millions of electronic shelf labels, sensors and cameras, our extensive capabilities in camera modules assembly (active alignment), RF testing and large volume process automation capabilities, we empower the physical retailer with millions of IoT nodes connecting retailers to consumers, transforming the physical store in a digital asset.

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At Checkout

Retail Technology Solutions, Robotics, Automation and Payment Solutions

Customer queues are yesterday’s news as check-out becomes increasingly FRICTIONLESS. From Smart Carts to tech-enabled cashiers, there’s a whole new way to how we PAY. 

Jabil’s capabilities, platforms and technology transform the checkout process, from complete, fully customizable and security compliant point-of-sale systems to self-service checkout options.

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On the Go

Retail Technology Solutions, Robotics, Automation and Payment Solutions

Today’s consumer expects to seamlessly move across a wide range of retail environments. They are always on the move which means finding ways to engage with them conveniently, efficiently and personally takes planning and capability.

Partner with Jabil to stay ahead of the curve with advanced technology solutions for your customers on the go, from ATM, smart kiosks, and ticketing systems to easily paying at fuel and EV charging stations. 

This is a landscape we know well – let us help you build what’s next.

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