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Why First Retail Innovation

Retail is in an era of disruption and we are living in a world where experiences are valued more than things. This is true not just for what consumers purchase but how they purchase. Today’s consumer expects a shopping experience that is personal, informative and convenient.

Retail as an industry must evolve and become truly omni-channel in order to accommodate these consumer demands. Brick-and-mortar stores are downsizing their footprint and moving online, while online retailers are building brick-and-mortar locations to allow consumers to interact with their products. Technologies, such as click-and-collect, automated checkout and Near Field Communications (NFC) are redefining the customer journey touchpoints for all retailers.

The New World of Retail

While a majority of retailers know they must become more innovative and transform how they leverage technology to improve both their operations and customer experience, they must weigh the risks associated with this change. Few companies have the resources or margins to experiment and run failed pilots. Some companies simply don’t know where to begin or even what technologies to adopt. These retailers need someone they can trust – a partner with the right experience that will bring a level of certainty to innovation. This partner is Jabil Retail.

Jabil Retail

Since our founding, companies have trusted Jabil to navigate complex supply chains, create hardware from difficult specifications and deliver on a global scale. Through this experience, Jabil has learned what challenges to anticipate and how best to solve them. Historically, Jabil Retail has operated as a contract manufacturer, building and ramping products for the world’s leading brands. To ensure that both we and our clients stay relevant throughout this era of disruption, we have evolved to much more.

Today, Jabil Retail provides Retail Innovators the confidence, capabilities and vision to transform their operations and customer experience by:

  • Employing our consultative “why first” approach to discovering the root of the challenge
  • Tapping into our ecosystem of partners to optimize the innovation process
  • Plugging into our complete end-to-end capabilities geared to evolve a retailer’s operations and the customer experience
  • Leveraging our global footprint to provide local support and solutions

Jabil Retail is a solutions and services provider. Retail Innovators that are focused on investing in technology through incremental changes can transform both the customer experience and their own operations. Clients leverage Jabil Retail’s why first approach to gain insights, drive efficiencies, create new business models and transform customer experiences.

Automated Retail

Digitization is accelerating the rate of innovation and transforming industries, one of which is the vending machine market. As a result, the vending machine is undergoing a sea of change incorporating smart and sophisticated technologies to deploy innovations as diverse as touch-enabled, high-definition screens and remote device management software technology. All of these technologies go far beyond simply dispensing food and beverage. With our fully integrated market-enablement solution, Jabil Retail can turn traditional vending machines into highly connected smart machines.

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