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Jabil Energy, Industrial & Building Solutions

New technologies – and challenges – continue to emerge rapidly within the Energy and Industrial industries. With a rich portfolio of capabilities and 50+ years of manufacturing experience, we partner with our customers on deep technical and business roadmaps. By leveraging our proprietary supply chain software InControl™, customers meet regional standards, navigate tax and tariff requirements, and manage logistical challenges in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. From multi-market conglomerates to new energy and industrial companies, at Jabil we’re delivering design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions that enable our customers to solve challenges in these fast evolving sectors.


Jabil has over 10 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing inverters and balance-of-solution (BoS) components for solar Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This expertise lets us dramatically reduce development costs and execution risks while getting products to market faster.



From wind turbine generators (WTG) control systems and converters to nacelle control systems and PCBAs, Jabil manufacturers high-level assembly components for the world’s leading wind-energy brands. Jabil-manufactured components used in generation and controls are part of more than 20,000 wind installations operating today.


Smart Meters

With over 17 years in the market and more than 150 million Jabil-manufactured smart meters operating in the world today, Jabil is delivering technological and innovative solutions to leading smart grid and meter companies.


Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly transforming companies, and opening up a new era of opportunities and challenges for Industrial OEMs. At Jabil, we see a future where the intersection of people, data, and intelligent machines will deliver significant productivity improvements with over $300 billion in opportunity for solutions to this evolving space. Today, Jabil is helping customers design, prototype, and scale industrial solutions in buildings, industrial sites, logistics, agriculture, and cities, working with all types of hardware and communication protocols. We provide the underlying access to technology, potential partnerships, and design and integration services to accelerate our customers’ connected journey. As a proactive solutions partner, our end-to-end hardware solutions include design, installation, and long-term maintenance.


Smart Building

Jabil brings extensive experience in developing Smart Building products, helping customers from ideation and product development to testing and production. Jabil also helps customers navigate the myriad of technology partners and solutions that exist in the marketplace.


Energy Storage

Jabil engineers, builds and ramps some of the most innovative and complex Energy Storage System (ESS) products in the world. ESS solution providers benefit from Jabil's unique combination of high-level assembly (HLA), power engineering and global manufacturing capabilities. Jabil's experience includes hi-power Lithium-ion UPS and air-conditioned cabinets for DC battery racks/modules.


Industrial Automation

Jabil supports both discreet and process automation enabling technology to leading OEMs within the $100 billion industrial automation market. We have deep experience in switches, controls, remote I/O, sensors, actuation, and human machine interface (HMI) technology. The breadth of this experience helps Industrial OEMs increase productivity and reduce cost. As a proactive solutions partner, Jabil offers value-add engineering services, from ideation and product development to testing and production, actively collaborating with companies from startups to industry conglomerates in the industrial automation sector.

Oil and Gas

Building upon 50 years of manufacturing and supply chain excellence, Jabil has emerged as a proactive solutions partner to leading Oil and Gas companies. From custom data capture applications to digitization and big-data analysis of global fleet operations, we partner with companies to bring mature industrial technologies and operations into the digital age. Our experience includes smart meter and sensor development with proven engineering expertise in DSP, RF, GPS, HMI, and ANSI standards that can be applied to most any application needed. Our world-class production facilities across the globe support all three sectors of the Oil and Gas production cycle to turn new visions into efficiency-enhancing applications. The Jabil InControl™ platform offers an industry-leading service that provides Oil and Gas companies of all sizes with end-to-end visibility of their supply chain along with the advanced analytics to pinpoint risk and opportunities for profit. The result is a trusted engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain partner that accelerates time-to-market and lowers total costs.

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