Industrial Adhesives

Solving the Most Complex Bonding Challenges

Making products smaller, lighter, stronger, and weather-resistant typically means using adhesives rather than screws, bolts, and other traditional fasteners. Used creatively, these adhesives can also work as protective films, vibration dampeners, and even as conductive membranes.

Solving the Most Complex Bonding Challenges and Improving Performance

Jabil has improved the performance of thousands of products by finding innovative solutions using our considerable adhesives expertise.

From formulating underfills that encapsulate fragile interconnects to automating efficient adhesive-application assembly processes, Jabil’s experience with interfacial materials science, processing technologies, and reformulation is unmatched.

Comprehensive Adhesives Capabilities

Jabil helps partners choose the best adhesive for every application and implement efficient manufacturing solutions to:

  • Securely attach discrete electronic components to flexible/bendable electronics
  • Waterproof/shockproof/dustproof electronic assemblies
  • Bond with optically-transparent films
  • Seal with multilayer barrier films
  • Adhere wearable medical devices

Know that with our adhesives expertise help partners choose the best adhesive for every application according to their requirements and implement manufacturing solutions to:

  • Bond components: Underfills, pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Protect: Conformal coatings, nano-coatings, potting materials, encapsulants
  • Increase functionality: Electrical or thermal conductive, multilayer and barrier films, vibration dampening, optically clear systems, sealants, bio-renewable materials, etc.

Virtually every assembled product leverages some form of adhesive for coating, bonding, or more advanced applications.

Jabil skillfully finds and formulates the right adhesive to enable miniaturization and greater product design freedom, letting product designers incorporate custom parts – with better aesthetics and enhancing mobility.

A Complete Partnership

Jabil plants worldwide have discovered over 390 new adhesive applications. With complementary capabilities in automation, equipment selection, and printed electronics, Jabil helps build innovative products with features that increase market share. Trust in our design-for-manufacturability expertise to consistently get products to market faster. 

Jabil’s Adhesives expertise is located throughout the world.