Jabil Advanced PCBA Capabilities

Jabil Solves Complex PCBA Requirements With Innovation

Printed circuit boards are used in the most advanced products, allowing for technologies that impact every aspect of our daily lives. Everything from consumer electronics, smart phones, telecommunications, appliances, military equipment, aerospace, healthcare, and automotive relies on advanced electronics.

Manufacturers and consumers want intelligent devices that support and enable data collection and transfer – all in an effort to make our lives safer, better, smarter, and easier. Making it critical that companies have the ability to deliver PCBA solutions and processes that are optimized for speed, accuracy, quality, durability, and innovation.

To meet customer new product demands, companies now need the ability to deliver highly complex miniaturized systems in smaller and smaller packages, conform to irregular shapes and to provide extremely large systems with excessively large compute power. All while continually attempting to reducing costs. Jabil PCBA experts remove these barriers, making it possible to be innovative, relevant, and in-demand.

All of these require specialized expertise. Many companies lack the end-to-end expertise across this spectrum thereby slowing advancements and time-to-market. New product requirements now need strategic sourcing, custom materials analysis, specialized assembly processes, and automation.

Innovative PCBA Solutions And Processes

Jabil PCBA experts are uniquely positioned to remove these barriers, making it possible for any company to confidently innovate and solve complex PCBA challenges quickly.

Collaboration with Jabil removes limits on design and manufacturing, allowing companies to add interactivity, connectivity, power, sensing, and trackability to virtually any item regardless of size, shape, and material.

Advanced PCBA Expertise

Jabil end-to end process innovation to produce any kind of PCBAs with accuracy, speed, consistency, and affordability.

Rely on Jabil’s leading technology experts, equipment, and innovative processes to optimize production, design, and delivery for PCBA solutions and processes.

  • Advanced, Quick Turn, PCB Prototyping Expertise in delivering and supporting quick turn prototypes, complex multilayer designs, and experimental design capabilities.
  • Electrical Assembly Process Innovation Manufacturing and design leadership in Substrate - Rigid Epoxy, Flex, Ceramic, Glass, Rigid- Flex Interconnect - New Solder, Wire/die Bond, conductive adhesives Adhesives and Coatings - encapsulation, Underfills, Conformal Coating, Potting, Hermetic Sealing. Precision Placement – 01005 - 008004 SMT to Chip On Board
  • Materials Services Study, define, and engineer product design and engineering, production process definition and properties, and performance testing of materials, surfaces, and interfaces.
  • PCBA Miniaturization PCBA innovation provides the freedom to reduce the size of products without sacrificing quality or performance. Board to SOM to SIP.
  • Jabil PCBA innovation provides our customers the freedom to collaboratively create almost any size, shape, or complex advanced PCBA for their product.
  • Extreme PCBA Lengths and Odd Shapes Build irregular shape PCBAs including extreme lengths and thickness up to 1 m.
  • Compute Power Acceleration Collaboratively developing new innovative systems to pick, place, solder, inspect, and repair up to 100mm x 100mm BGAs and 10,000 I/Os with industry SMT vendors. Including asymmetrical and symmetrical arrays in next generation BGAs.
  • PCB Technology and Substrates Expertise in a wide-range of PCB technologies and substrates including high-current, ultra-thin, flexible, rigid and rigid-flex, printed electronics, cavity placement, and high- density.

Jabil’s Advanced PCBA expertise is located throughout the world.