Conceptual Engineering

Integrating Strategic and Operational Factors to Optimize Product Success

There is a process to conceptual engineering — to coming up with a better answer to a problem. An organization works to understand the challenge, brainstorm alternatives, factor constraints and organize approaches, and come up with practical answers. However, the key to the best conceptual engineering is making a commitment to significant innovation in the beginning. As one of the world’s leading design, engineering, and manufacturing firms, Jabil recognizes the importance of this commitment with all its customers and partners. And from conceptual engineering and designing for manufacturability to efficient supply chain management, Jabil has brought this expertise to virtually every market.

We help determine what features a product should have and what metrics can be used to measure their quality or performance based on analysis of customer needs and preferences.

Our expertise in helping customers determine what to make and why includes:

  • Content strategy 
  • Breadboarding
  • Systems architecture
  • Test design
  • Design of experiments
  • Simulation
  • Initial cost analysis
  • Materials identification
  • Initial DFM/A impact  

For more information on Conceptual Engineering, visit Radius Innovation & Development, the global innovation and product development consultancy of Jabil.

Jabil’s Conceptual Engineering expertise is located throughout the world.