Design to New Geometries and Form Factors

Emerging technologies have driven dimensions of packages and printed circuit board assembly to be smaller, lighter, and thinner. Electronic industries have gone a long way toward miniaturization of components. Area array packages are an area where miniaturization has occurred at an exciting rate. Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) packages have transformed into smaller Chip-Scale Packages (CSPs) and further into Wafer-Level CSPs (WLCSPs).  

To further minimize the area on printed circuit boards and increase signal integrity, stacking of CSPs have been developed and are currently being used in products within Jabil. This technology is often referred to as Package-On-Package (POP).

With the requirements for further miniaturization, bare-dies such as Chip-On-Board (COB) and Flip Chip (FC) merging with traditional surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly have become high demand. By removing the package over-mold materials, the surface area of the components can be further reduced.

Other regions of miniaturization are in passive chip components such as 01005 and 008004.  The 01005 is a component with a dimension of 0.016” x 0.008” (0.4 mm x 0.2 mm in metrics), and 008004 is a component of 0.008” x 0.004” (0.25mm x 0.125mm in metrics). Jabil had started investigation and development of 01005 components around 2008, and the development has allowed Jabil to support our key customers in manufacturing products with 01005 components in volume production. To keep up with the trend of miniaturization, development is currently underway for the next generation 008004 components to meet customer demands in the near future. 

In addition to having capabilities of package miniaturization, Jabil has also developed process for complex and high density circuit boards with recessed cavity to reduce the overall thickness of the final product. The cavities can reduced effective heights for CSPs, POPs, and COBs. 

Overall, Jabil has been very pro-active in developing advanced techniques to meet the challenges of miniaturization as package dimensions are reduced significantly. Currently, Jabil has multiple facilities manufacturing products with 01005 chips, CSPs, POPs, and COBs.  


  • 01005 Chip Component (Volume production)
  • 008004 Chip Component (Development)
  • Wafer-Level CSP (WLCSP) (Volume production)
  • Wire-bond / CoB (Volume production)
  • Flip Chips (Development)
  • Package-on-Package (Volume production)
  • Cavity PCB assembly in development 

Jabil’s Miniaturization capability expertise is located throughout the world.