Value Engineering

Creating a Seamless Transition from Design to Manufacturing

Jabil VAVE

In the evolving digital age, new technology trends and manufacturing methods are pushing the limits of what companies can do within constrained timelines and budgets. The adoption of technologies like cloud, big data, cognitive and artificial intelligence, and mobility – by both consumers and OEMs – are bringing to the forefront new business models while disintermediating entire segments. Competition is fierce and companies must innovate to stay relevant. Today, more than ever, these companies are leveraging Jabil’s value analysis and value engineering (VAVE) services to support their design and manufacturing requirements.

A Proactive Solutions Partner

Jabil VAVE services offer a proactive approach that is designed to increase value and decrease cost, creating a seamless transition from design to manufacturing – helping companies reshape products and industries. Jabil VAVE services combine optimized product design, performance, reliability, quality, manufacturing and life-cycle cost management strategies to ensure excellence in our customers’ products. Our VAVE team actively collaborates with designers and engineers throughout the entire product creation cycle to ensure the best design, manufacturing and cost choices are made at every step.

Jabil VAVE expertise and solutions help the world’s leading global brands and new disruptive players to:

  • Save time and money by incorporating manufacturing, test and supply chain best practices into a product design from the start
  • Eliminate expensive and time-consuming fixes by analyzing each design for manufacturing and supply-chain compliance while conducting critical tests early in the design phase
  • Ensure the highest quality suppliers are identified and the best component pricing is secured
  • Diagnose malfunctions and increase performance to quickly resolve component performance and yield problems
  • Meet environmental compliance regulations by using a team of experts who can quickly identify and resolve a product’s environmental compliance issues

Jabil VAVE services help bridge the gap between emerging market trends and the challenge of getting to market first with the best features and highest quality. Jabil VAVE expertise and solutions include:

  • Component engineering
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Design for automation and assembly analysis
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering analysis
  • Product teardowns
  • Reverse engineering
  • Product knowledge development
  • ECAD layout services
  • New product introduction (NPI) development services
  • Competitive product analysis

Jabil VAVE delivers the design ingenuity, manufacturing agility and supply chain expertise required to succeed in today’s digital economy. No matter how complex or demanding the project, our Jabil VAVE team can help you solve it.

Jabil’s Value Engineering expertise is located throughout the world.