Materials Innovation Center, Minnesota

The Materials Innovation Center fills a void in the additive materials space by developing custom additive and injection molding materials known as Jabil Engineered Materials. 

These materials have unique properties to meet the specialized needs of customers – from flame retardant to lubricated and UV stable – expanding both the applications and offerings currently available for use in additive manufacturing. 

Opening unprecedented new options for additive manufacturing in countless verticals, the materials are qualified and certified in an ISO 9001 registered facility to meet requirements of highly regulated industries. At a single point of accountability, we are able to:

  • Deliver specialized materials to customers at unprecedented speeds
  • Connect additive manufacturing production processes into a single printer-agnostic platform across multiple sites and users
  • Provide a complete materials solution from formulation to production under one roof

Our team has more than 120 combined years of experience to help customers determine the custom engineered materials needed to meet their unique product requirements.


  • ISO 9001

Manufacturing Space

  • 46,000 sq. ft.
Materials Innovation Center, Minnesota


102 North Jonathan Boulevard

Chaska, MN 55318