Hanover Park


The Jabil Hanover Park site offers manufacturing solutions for the packaging industry. Our diverse capabilities help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably:

  • Automation
  • Design, Decoration & In-Mold Labeling
  • Double-Shot Molding
  • Femcare Manufacturing
  • In-Mold Decoration
  • Injection Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Post-Mold Assembly
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • HP Capabilties:

    • Capacity for 36 IMM
      • Tonnage capability to 1200
      • Rail served
      • < 6 second 16-cavity IML
      • Contract manufacturing
      • Femcare manufacturing

    Jabil offers end-to-end, comprehensive engineering capabilities with operations at over 100 sites strategically located around the world. As a single point of accountability, we help:

    • Innovate and develop designs optimized for performance and manufacturability
    • Rapidly prototype for accelerated product introductions
    • Manufacture the highest-quality products and components using the latest automation and process technologies
    • Stringently validate and test with proprietary, integrated methodologies
    • Ensure that customers build in the right location, source the right materials, and reach target markets with intelligent, digital supply-chain solutions

    Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering the customer to focus on what matters most to their business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered.


    Automation, Design, Decoration & In-Mold Labeling, Sustainable Packaging


    150,000 sq ft


    ISO 9001:2008


    6325 Muirfield Drive Hanover Park, IL 60133 USA

    Hanover Park