Opening in October 2022, Jabil Wroclaw engineers will be designing some of the most innovative and complex products for leading global brands. The team’s diverse suite of capabilities will help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.  Jabil Wroclaw will be primarily focused on the Automotive and Healthcare industries, supporting other industries as required.
Leveraging the power of 260,000 people in more than 100 strategic sites around the world, Jabil delivers comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services for customers in a broad range of industries. As a single point of accountability, we help:

  • Innovate and develop designs optimized for performance and manufacturability
  • Rapidly prototype for accelerated product introductions
  • Manufacturing the highest-quality products and components using the latest automation and process technologies
  • Stringently validate and test with proprietary, integrated methodologies
  • Ensure that customers build in the right location, source the right materials, and reach target markets with intelligent, digital supply-chain solutions

Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering the customer to focus on what matters most to their business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered.

HR Employee Services
The HR Employee Services Team supports the organization with the resolution of day-to-day HR inquiries and the completion of HR administrative tasks while providing an exceptional employee experience. The Team in Wroclaw is planned to reach 12 team members and will serve 10 European countries in 8 languages.


  • Automotive
  • Energy, Industrial and Building
  • Healthcare
  • Metering
  • Packaging & Retail
  • Print & Retail
  • Smart Home and Appliances


  • Electronic Power Design
  • Industrialization Support
  • Mechanical Design
  • PCB Design
  • Project Management
  • Value Add Value Engineering (VAVE)


Business Gardens
Legnicka 48E, 
54-202 Wrocław