Wuxi (EMS)

As an established and trusted mega-site in China, Jabil Wuxi has long provided manufacturing services that focuses on cost efficiency, quality, and excellent customer service, driven by Lean Six Sigma principles. Wuxi EMS also offers a full suite of supply chain solutions from design services to seamless customs clearance and after-market services (including non-Jabil made products). 

 Jabil Wuxi is the global pioneer of Jabil’s Factory of the Future (FotF), Center of Excellence (COE) of telecommunications, and Jabil’s first Best Lean Plant. Jabil Wuxi boasts a R&D center focusing on new product introduction and prototyping. Premiere services offered by Wuxi include printed circuit board assembly, box build, configure-to-order, and automated manufacturing systems.


  • Cloud
  • Computing & Storage
  • Industry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Meter
  • Telecom Products (5G+)


  • 5G+
  • After Market Service
  • AI Algorithm
  • Automation
  • Box Build/Large Frame Assembly
  • Configure to Order
  • Direct Order Fulfillment
  • FATP
  • New Product Introduction
  • PCBA Assembly
  • Prototyping
  • R&D
  • RF Technology

Manufacturing Space

  • 1,660,000 sq. ft
Wuxi (EMS)


Jabil Circuit (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.  Lot J9, J10 export processing zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
Post code: 214028