Trends in Plastic Packaging Report
By Dimensional Research, Compliments of Jabil Packaging Solutions

Survey Reveals Top Brand Priorities

When the world’s top brands think about their key investment areas, packaging is a critical consideration. And it’s no wonder! Value-added packaging solutions enable brands to achieve many of their core goals - from setting themselves apart in a sea of sameness, to winning in the time-to-market game and supporting their commitments to sustainability.

But where do these packaging trends fit into their strategy, both now and in the future? To find out, Jabil Packaging Solutions commisioned a study by the independent research firm, Dimensional Research. We wanted to know: what really matters and why? And if investments are to be made, are they being made in the right areas for the right reasons?

The results are fascinating - and we're sharing them with you in a free digital copy of this report.

A Sample of the Findings

Packaging is a strategic investment


View packaging as a significant part of the brand experience


Top executives say packaging is a key investment

See how the numbers compare across divisions and roles.

Intelligent packaging is on the rise


Are currently using today


Will start using over the next three years

See how digital printing, bio-materials, packaging for e-commerce and other capabilities stack up. And there's much more!

After the report, join the experts for a series of webinars, Value-Added Packaging: Investing to Achieve Brand Brilliance. We're discussing three key packaging trends: Smart Packaging, Sustainable Packaging and Packaging Speed to Market.