Accelerating Electrified Vehicle Production Through Risk-Mitigating Partnerships

A guide for meeting the manufacturing demands of power & charging technology.

While it is common knowledge that the electrification of automakers’ fleets is on its way, the pace of adoption may surprise some. Compared to approximately 3% of today’s market, IHS estimates that 50% of all cars sold by 2026 will have electrified drivetrains (MHEV, HEV, PHEV or BEV). This from niche market to mainstream mobility is visibly in-process, particularly with substantial increases in EV range and battery charging speeds. 

To meet this level of adoption, the automotive industry can create manufacturing ecosystems that will accelerate time to mass-market of electrified vehicles, while managing the risks associated with: 

  1. Product Design & Development
  2. Investments & Asset Management
  3. Supply Chain & Unforeseen Events
  4. Specialized Manufacturing & Localized Footprint
  5. Fluctuations in Demand
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