Download the 2022 Sustainable Packaging Survey Report

What is driving sustainable packaging in 2022?

With a new wealth of sustainability knowledge at their fingertips, consumers have become savvy and discerning. Recognizing this new consumer has become essential in how and why brands are moving toward reducing plastic, cutting carbon footprints, increasing recyclability and more.

In a follow-up of our 2019 report that captured hard data on plans, challenges and opinions around sustainable packaging, Jabil partnered with SIS International Research in 2022 to field a new online survey to compare the answers before and after the COVID-19 pandemic and the inevitable increase in sustainability awareness. Download the 2022 Sustainable Packaging Trends Report to learn more.

What’s included in survey report?

  • Industry progress check on corporate sustainability goals 
  • Common challenges and concerns brands face in sustainable packaging
  • Leading product level strategies for sustainable packaging
  • Material preferences across CPG brands

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