Jabil Photonics Adds CFP2-DCO "LITE" to Coherent Pluggable Product Family

Coherent technology is becoming increasingly essential in optical networks, moving from the core to the edge, following the explosive growth of access bandwidth that is being fueled by 5G and fixed fiber access demand. In this context, pluggable modules play an important role in reducing the coherent integration effort for the system vendors. 

However, the possibility of adopting coherent technology in different application scenarios requires optimization of a different parameter set. To address this, Jabil Photonics is expanding its pluggable coherent product family with a “LITE” version of the CFP2 DCO optimized for 100Gb/s edge application, shorter distances and simpler network scenarios such as point-to-point WDM. The “LITE” module maintains full compatibility with the product family and makes use of the same firmware that is easily integrated in a system vendor’s network devices.

The product is currently available as beta samples and will be generally available in March 2021.