Download the 2022 5G Technology Trends Survey Report

How is 5G technology evolving? What are the biggest trends?

“How will 5G change the world?” 

Pose this question to a dozen telecommunications experts and you may receive a dozen different answers.

Four years ago, telecommunications leaders already had varying opinions on 5G’s possible applications and the extent of its potential impact. Connected vehicles, an expanded industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and the advent of remote healthcare were just some of the functions the nascent technology could enable. Since then, 5G has grown in complexity.

In a follow-up of our 2018 report that captured hard data on plans, challenges and opinions on 5G technology, Jabil partnered with SIS International Research to field a new online survey to telecommunications companies. Download the 2022 5G Technology Trends survey report to learn more. 

What’s included in the survey report?

  • Opinions on the development and adoption of 5G technologies
  • Industries that have the most potential to be impacted by 5G solutions
  • Details on the biggest challenges in 5G adoption and deployment
  • The market opportunities presented by Open Radio Access Network, or Open RAN

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