Connected Toys

Advanced Design and Manufacturing for Complex, Intelligent Toys

Connected Toys

Connected, smart toys range from responsive robotic cats and puppies to modular “bricks” that sense touch, light, sound, and ultrasonic waves. These toys can recognize voice and respond to what a child says, react to proximity, walk and hug, and remember interactions.

Jabil integrates advanced electronic and mechanical design for complex, highly miniaturized systems, manufacturing with diverse materials and precision sensors. That’s why leading toy companies worldwide depend on Jabil to provide comprehensive design, fabrication, and supply-chain services for their connected toy products.

Toys are a special class of product because they need to be safe for children. They must meet the standards of ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited test laboratories, and comply with both state and federal regulations in the US and a plethora of complex rules worldwide. Smoothly navigating these complex requirements is just one of the benefits of partnering with Jabil for connected toy design and production.

Jabil Capabilities

We recognize the unrelenting acceleration in the pace of change, and that uncertainty and risk abound in both mature and emerging markets. To ensure customers’ sustained growth, Jabil simplifies these complexities by providing end-to-end product development with comprehensive engineering capabilities.

With operations in over 90 sites in 23 countries, we’ve designed and built virtual-reality headsets, smart pens, sports and IR-tracking cameras, and mobile accessories. We build these and other vertically-integrated solutions on a foundation of:

  • Product strategy and conceptualization — research, branding, user experience, and industrial design
  • Rapid prototyping — results in hours, not weeks
  • Design engineering — product design and engineering
  • Materials technology — molding and tooling, visual and complex mechanics
  • Process innovation — advanced manufacturing, assembly, test processes
  • High-efficiency, complex, and high-tolerance process robotics
  • Design verification and test development — production test development, meticulous failure analysis, reliability testing, and Jabil test platforms optimize final assembly, test, and pack (FATP) processes from firmware programming and board test through customization, labeling, and packaging