Printed Electronics

One of Today’s Most Productive Enabling Technologies

Printed electronics — a low-cost additive manufacturing process — is one of the most productive emerging enabling technologies that allows integration of complex functionality. From inside a pet’s ear to a yogurt cup, from bandages to light bulbs — electronic circuitry is simply everywhere. Thanks to advances in material technologies and manufacturing processes, designers can add interactivity, connectivity, sensing, trackability, and power to virtually any item, regardless of whether it’s made of plastic, paper, glass, textiles, polymers, or metal. Printed Electronics produces thinner, lighter and more flexible circuit assemblies for production of highly integrated products.

 Jabil is a world leader in designing and manufacturing printed electronic circuitry that adds powerful functionality to new, innovative concepts — and cost-effectively transitioning them into high-volume products. Jabil delivers best-in-class processes and materials matched expertly to specific product applications. Examples include packaging and wearable products to the smallest electronics.

  • Jabil has over 50 years of printed circuit board experience, which serves as a basis of its skills with new-generations of flexible, super-thin, printed circuitry. Jabil will leverage its ability to integrate multiple capability and technology solutions at high volume to enable the creation of products. Jabil can ideate products that can benefit from the integration of functionality leveraging this flexible circuit technology. Printed Electronics can be used to cost-effectively transition products into high volume production for industries such as consumer lifestyles, medical, wellness, consumer packaging, appliances, automotive, aerospace, industrial and energy.
  • Jabil packaging solutions leverage printed electronics for brand protection and item tracking by using near-field communication-enabled labels that can store billions of possible data combinations. Jabil is offering smart packaging solutions, incorporating a variety of different electronic features. 
  • Jabil leverages printed electronics to add touch functionality to human machine interfaces, wearable devices and e-textile products can include biosensors and connectivity to report activity, heart rates, and other data. Innovative inks and substrates enable both increased miniaturization and better electronic performance.

For product designers, our printed electronics capabilities open the creative doors, letting them add breakthrough functionality in seemingly impossible ways and places. For procurement agents, Jabil has the manufacturing and supply chain experience — and the global footprint — to deliver reliable product on-time, close-to-market, and at the lowest landed cost realizing highest value.

Jabil’s Printed Electronics expertise is located throughout the world. View our locations