Consumer Health

Connect. Monitor. Improve.

Jabil Healthcare brings end-to-end design and manufacturing expertise to the production of a wide range of consumer health products. 

Connectivity is a significant catalyst in the consumer healthcare market, as we are increasingly able to integrate ever more sophisticated sensors for monitoring a variety of patient biometrics and share them through platforms of connected apps with practitioners and physicians.

We design and develop both regulated and non-regulated wearables and consumer health products, from fitness trackers, and smart footwear to sensor-integrated shorts, shirts, belts, as well as blood pressure monitors, breast pumps, hearing instruments, and even personal health care products like toothbrushes.

Our customers enjoy the best of One Jabil: the combination of Jabil Healthcare’s unmatched expertise and leadership in textile-integrated electronics with the broader Jabil experience in mobile devices, miniaturization, sensor integration, additive (3-D) printing, connectivity, optics, and more. We take great ideas and make them look, feel, and work better for the consumer market.

It's About Time!

How to develop a more agile response to the digital disruptions in healthcare product lifecycles.