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Jabil Photonics Products – Transceivers

Jabil Photonics is a true technology partner offering a range of products that streamline and accelerate development while helping customers in the optical networking equipment industry get to market faster with confidence. 

Jabil Photonics transceivers include:

Coherent transceivers – Jabil is the ideal partner for the development of next-generation coherent transceivers, plus can provide white label CFP2-DCO 100G/200G

Client pluggable transceivers

  • A large set of client pluggable transceivers are available in Jabil Photonics portfolio

Jabil Photonics Products – Amplifiers

Jabil Photonics amplifiers can be designed based on customer specification, including both MSA form factor and pluggable EDFA (variable gain and fixed gain). Amplifiers include:

  • Single channel or WDM
  • Low noise figure
  • High/low gain
  • Unique temperature compensated gain flattening filter (TCGFF) design
  • Digital gain equalized in-house designed
  • Transient control

Jabil Photonics Products – Passives

Jabil Photonics has a broad portfolio of passives and optical patch cord. Passives include:

  • WDM filters
  • AWG
  • PLC splitters
  • AOC

Jabil Photonics provides the capabilities and confidence in design and manufacturing to ensure you have the right partner to meet your product development requirements. 

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