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What it Means to be Lean Six Sigma

In the midst of digital transformation, more companies are realizing the need to improve their business processes. But where do they start? The answer is simpler than you might think.  

In five easy steps, a business can see significant increases in performance and improvements in profits, employee morale and the quality of products or services. This strategy is known as Lean Six Sigma. The purpose is to deliver value to customers by removing all waste, overburden and variation from processes. But before this can be implemented, the company has to instill a lean culture for its employees and ignite their enthusiasm about making a positive change.  

So, what does Lean Six Sigma success look like? Just take a look at our Shanghai facility and the impressive results of their lean program to optimize manufacturing processes. The site was honored with the Lean Division Best Practice Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), winning over IBM, American Fidelity and Tata Group.  

What started back in 1987 as an idea, quickly took off and is now the industry standard for improving business processes. View our infographic below to learn how your company can benefit from Lean Six Sigma implementation: