In January 2021, Jabil announced the acquisition of Ecologic Brands Inc., a leading provider of sustainable packaging paper bottles and paper-based packaging solutions. The momentum and trends are clear — with rising consumer awareness around the negative impact of plastic in the environment, major global brands are relying on Ecologic’s recycled paper-based packaging solution to significantly reduce plastic packaging to meet and advance their sustainability goals.

Ecologic’s founder, Julie Corbett, is a pioneer and innovator in the sustainable packaging space, focused on commercializing and scaling sustainable ideas. Her roots and ideas have grown from her perspective as a mother and consumer, where like most, she evaluated many types of healthy choices available for her family. She realized that among the various healthy and natural products available, there were limited choices on the type of packaging these products came in, which presented a challenge for minimizing the amount of household waste being generated.

“My dream is that one day, the store aisles have products packaged in solutions that will be as sustainable as this Eco.bottle. It’s not just about a bottle, it’s about the progress and evolutions to less impactful packaging alternatives that will forever transform products and the packaging industry.”

– Julie Corbett, CEO and Founder, Ecologic Brands, Inc.

This inspired Julie to find an alternative solution — one that leveraged recycled materials such as paper and minimized the use of plastic. Julie went on to found Ecologic, the world’s first paper-based bottle that uses up to 70 percent less plastic than existing packaging solutions. Each of the different types of Ecologic bottles have the same functionality that consumers are accustomed to — the outside shell is made out of 100 percent recycled cardboard and the inner plastic liner is made of recycled plastic that can be recycled.