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Jabil Cyber and Physical Security Solutions

Cyber security is a major concern in today’s digital age. As a partner to the world’ s leading aerospace and defense innovators, we work hard to set the industry standard in protecting the intellectual and physical property of our customers, safeguard national security, and avoid counterfeit supply and other threats.

Jabil Defense & Aerospace operates a global control baseline (based on ISO 27001 standards) which ensures that our core operations are protected from cyberattacks. We accomplish this through threat modeling, threat intelligence security monitoring and a comprehensive toolset coupled with highly qualified professionals. Our security baseline (NIST 800-171 with a path to NIST 800-53) integrates information security and physical security to safeguard against tactics used by advanced threat actors.

Our cyber and physical security solutions include:

  • Cyber
    • Perimeter controls
    • Application protection
    • Data security
    • Government and industry collaboration and intelligence sharing
  • Data
    • NIST SP800-171 compliant
    • Secure on-site data center
    • Information rights management
    • Data loss prevention
    • Secure FTP with authentication and login
  • Physical
    • NISP-level physical security controls
    • On-site security with smart badging
    • Visitor management and screening
    • Insider threat program

From collaborative design and manufacturing through cyber and physical security solutions, Jabil Defense & Aerospace ensures customers build in the right location with the highest levels of quality and protection.

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