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The Jabil SOM Technology Package

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Jabil SOM Overview

The Jabil SOM Technology Package

The demand for smart appliances – IoT-enabled appliances for everyday life – is increasing as millennial consumers are more connected, more mobile and wanting more convenience. Appliance device innovators must consider hardware design, connectivity, sensor capabilities, sustainability options, ease of use, and security challenges to keep pace and get new IoT products to market quickly and cost effectively. Today, smart appliance brands need to design better, more adaptive and iterative products that unlock the full IoT potential of a “smart appliance” – increasing customer satisfaction and driving more business to the company.

Jabil’s SOM Technology Package is meeting these requirements by offering smart appliance brands’ IoT-ready secured hardware, a Software Development Kit (SDK), and cloud and mobile service libraries.

Key benefits include:

  • Cheaper than traditional design programs
  • Faster integration and market deployment
  • Simpler connectivity
  • Valuable application deployment
  • Right SKU for the right application at the right price

Go from sketch to production quicker, cheaper and with less risk with the Jabil SOM Technology Package.

Jabil SOM Hardware Solutions

The IoT-ready secure hardware incorporates only those components common to most applications. Application customizations are performed on a supporting carrier board with standard IO that includes I2S, I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB, UART and Audio Out. Customers are able to leverage three different SKUs for varying price and performance points.

Jabil SOM Software Solutions

The Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers industry standard features promoting flexible development for smart appliance brands. Features include:

  • Digitally signed images
  • Device identity, trusted boot
  • Device drivers for standard interfaces
  • Hardware abstraction layer APIs
  • Service layer APIs
    • Device management
    • FOTA
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • User agent
    • Mobile libraries
    • APP build environment
    • JVM engine

The Jabil SOM Technology Package Use Case

Meet your high-tech coffee maker, the “G2.5.” The Jabil designed Wi-Fi/Smart coffee maker connects to a smartphone and is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing consumers to brew coffee on a voice command. The G2.5 works by using the Jabil SOM Technology Package enabling smart appliance brands to quickly and cost effectively develop the hardware for the specific IoT-enabled product.

Utilizing key partners MicroEJ and TIBCO from our innovation ecosystem, the G2.5 features:

  • 4.3” display with touch screen for consumer input
  • IoT enablement
  • Voice control
  • Mobile device app for consumer input and status
  • Online ordering and direct advertising
  • Over the air updatable
  • Vision to auto-detect cup and pot
  • Connect ecosystem (connects to other IoT devices)

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