Jabil IT Advisory Services

SAP S4-as-a-Service

As Jabil continued to have extensive conversations with our customers about the company’s SAP  transformation and successful path to S4, we saw a void for other organizations embarking on the same journey. In sharing our S4 story, we provided advice, valuable insights, and lessons learned along with attainable wins to streamline and simplify their migrations. Now with Jabil IT Advisory Services, we can help others by sharing all of our learning. At Jabil, we are positioned to assist others on their S4 journey as a result of our successful completion. Even more, this advisory service is developed by practitioners for practitioners! We want to share our hard earned and learned knowledge, and our experience. We partner with 450+ customers, 39,000 suppliers, and many 3rd party solutions in addition to numerous partners. Also, we have performed more than 20 system upgrades, plus cloud migrations. At Jabil, we are a senior team with hands on experience that has been part of the company’s SAP journey since the beginning.

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