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JSS has proven an invaluable partner for the configuration and deployment of the Davra IoT platform. JSS is eminently capable of efficiently deploying the Davra platform, facilitating the rapid growth of our business and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Brian McGlynn
Chief Operating Officer (COO)





Kitchen Control System

JSS demonstrated their significant expertise in embedded development during this project. They were able to rapidly and efficiently address all requirements and deliver a solution which will form the basis for a range of future products, thus facilitating faster time‑to‑market and time‑to‑revenue

Customer Engineering Representative






JSS delivered the requisite solutions ahead of schedule, giving us confidence to extend and deepen our partnership with JSS for the development of future solutions. I am impressed that JSS was able to bring up new hardware in the customer environment and run services on the first day of development. Kudos to the JSS team!

Sales Manager






ATX Networks

Having spent years almost 30 years as owner of both PLM and Program Management and, interfacing closely with both internal and external Technology teams on development and sustaining activities, I can say that I have seen both the good and bad of development teams. Right from the outset, the Jabil Software Services team surprised me with their knowledge and professionalism. Initial code transfer from our end was a challenge due to poorly written and documented code, but the Jabil team managed to not only sustain the product, but significantly re-write and improve the product. It has been a total pleasure working with them.

External Customer
General Manager