Technical Capabilities

Industry and Tech-Specific Software Solutions and Capabilities

Embedded Systems
Whether you require embedded systems for IoT devices, industrial automation, equipment, commercial appliances, or any other industry-specific solution, Jabil Software Services is committed to addressing your software needs. Our solutions are designed to optimize performance, streamline processes, and ensure seamless communication between hardware and software components.

OS Linux, RTOS, Yocto Linux, ThreadX, Bootloaders/BSPs
Platforms Qualcomm, STM32, NXP iMX8, Sierra Wireless mangOH-yellow, other ARM based platforms
Tools Docker, Quantum Platform (QP), IDEs: Code Warrior, ARM Keil, Eclipse
Languages C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Java, shell
Framework Embedded UI Frameworks (LVGL, Micro EJ), Qt
Expertise BSP development, Firmware, Diagnostics, SDK Integration, 
Multi Process/ Thread/Core Systems, Hardware/ Software Integration, Linux Kernel Development

IoT Solutions
Development and integration of IoT solutions from silicon to cloud, including sensors, embedded software, edge processing, communications and analytics.

OS Linux, RTOS
Platforms IoT Platforms Incl. Azure & AWS, Sierra Wireless mangOH-yellow IoT platform,
Davra IoT (dedicated & AWS based)
Tools AWS Developer Tools, Azure Development tools, Visual Studio Code, Docker
Languages C/C++, Python, Java Script,
Framework Node.js, Angular
Expertise Edge device Embedded Development (standalone, RTOS, Linux),  Data Acquisition, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, IoT Cloud Architecture, Back-end Infrastructure
IoT Platforms developmnet Incl. Azure & AWS, IoT Reference Platform Development,  Applications Incl. Fleet Control & Asset Tracking

Wireline Networking
Wireline networking forms the backbone of communication systems, enabling fast and secure transmission of data across vast distances. We understand the critical role that wireline networks play in facilitating collaboration, data transfer, and access to cloud services.

Platforms Switch ASIC Integration (Broadcom, Cavium, Microsemi, Wintegra)
L2 (Ethernet, STP, Bridging, Vlans, LACP, CFM, LLDP, 802.1)
Protocols L3 (IP, Ipv6, Ipv4/V6 Routing, BGP, OSPF, RIP, IS-IS, IGMP, BFD), MPLS, LDP, Optical, SDN, ROADM
Languages C/C++, Python, Openflow, P4
Framework Broadcom SDK, OpeBMC, SAI
Management SNMP, Clis, Info Modeling, NETCONF/YANG
Expertise Network Infrastructure, Switching & Routing, Stacks & Protocols, Whitebox, Firmware, NOS development, Network Management Systems, Switch SDK Integration, Open-source Integration

Wireless Networking
We leverage the latest wireless technologies and in-house staff to ensure fast, secure, and reliable connectivity throughout your business. From controllers to wireless LANs, we have the expertise and capabilities to optimize your network infrastructure.

3GPP Technologies (L1, L2, L3), BBU/eNodeB (L1/L2/L3), Remote Radio Head (RRH)
Low Power Wireless (BLE, Zigbee, NFC), Fronthaul (CPRI, Ecpri, Xran) & Backhaul
Languages C/C++, Python
Framework Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
Management Network Management
Radio Management, Incl. Power, Current & Gain, Power Amplifier Calibration & Biasing


Web & Mobile
Today’s consumers are constantly connected and rely heavily on efficient web and mobile applications for information, communication, and transactions. Our team of skills developers and designers work closely with your business to craft user-friendly web and mobile solutions that streamline workflows and provide services that set your business apart.

OS Linux, Windows
Tools Jenkins, Gerrit, AzureDevOps
Languages Pyton, Shell scripts, makefile
Framework Pytest, ROBOT Test Framework
Expertise system tests, scalability tests, performance tests. CI/CD pipeline development


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