Jabil's Fiscal 2018 First Quarter Results

Jabil held its earnings call on December 14, covering the first quarter of its fiscal year 2018. “I’m extremely pleased with our first quarter results and a strong start to the year,” said CEO Mark Mondello. 

The company reported net revenue of $5.6 billion for the quarter – with 51 percent generated from Jabil's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) business and 49 percent from Jabil's Diversified Manufacturing Services (DMS) business. Jabil saw a 9 percent revenue increase across the company.  

“As expected, we saw solid revenue growth across both our DMS and EMS segments, resulting in 15 percent growth, year-on-year, of core earnings per share. The quarter is a great illustration of the strength and diversification across the company,” Mondello added. 

Current Business Updates  

  • Jabil's EMS team is driving a progressive transformation, advancing their methods by serving a broad range of end markets including energy and industrialprint and retailautomotivesemi-cap equipmentnetworking telecommunications and data storage.  
  • The healthcare and packaging businesses continue to grow and meet the needs for the urgent demand for affordable healthcare and the convergence of intelligent but fully reliable consumer packaging. These businesses create specialized solutions with the use of new technologies and digital innovation.  
  • During the first quarter, Jabil's Green Point business supported numerous program ramps, demonstrating good execution and cost controls while navigating complicated processes at extreme scale. The income generated from Green Point continues to become more diversified across a wider range of technologies and hardware platforms.  
  • Looking forward, Jabil is investing heavily in the areas of material sciences, additive manufacturing, automation and robotics, as well as various digital platforms.  

"The leadership team remains confident in our direction because we make a real difference as we strengthen our portfolio of businesses. At Jabil, we're helping make the world and the communities in which we serve better, healthier and safer," said Mondello.  

"Today, we have the infrastructure, the ingenuity and the talent, which offers us the real opportunity to become the most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions company in the world," he added. Mondello concluded his remarks, wishing everyone a happy holiday season.  

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