Our Polymer Technologies

Innovative Polymer Breakthrough Transformations

Customizing Materials to meet Customer Goals

Our team is creating and applying breakthrough polymer technologies that extract greater value from existing and new polymer combinations. These proprietary technologies and processes allow us to elevating commodity resins with value-added attributes improving usability for more applications while fitting a customer's specific requirements.

Our patented polymer technologies include:

Continuous Architecture Modification

Our Technologies

Method of inserting chemistry into a polymer to create specific interactions that create value, including functional improvements, sizing, and hyperbranching

  • Increase performance of composite materials
  • Make un-moldable polymers moldable
  • Light weighting
  • Cost improvements

Polymer Compatibility

Our Technologies

Method of increasing compatibility of incompatible polymers

  • Better polymer alloys and recycled resins
  • Higher value from recycled resins
  • Lower cost polymer alloys (PC/ABS)
  • Ability to increase amounts of PCR

Compostable Blends

Our Technologies

Industrial, Home Compostable Packaging and Barrier Solutions

  • Formulate biodegradable polymers and additives that meet strict temperature, oxygen, and water barrier properties
  • Oxygen and water vapor barrier formulations can be applied to home compostable materials
  • 60% savings compared to compostable solutions

Particle Formation

Our Technologies

Process of creating perfectly spherical polymer powders

  • Broadens available base polymers
  • Lowers overall powder creation costs
  • Create spherical powders out of polymer allows

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