Celebrating Dedication to Service and Quality

From the beginning of her career, Wanda has been inspired by delivering the highest quality results possible. Whether that has been through the manufacturing industry or serving her country, she has been a dedicated active-duty member, part of the Army reserve, and civilian. Both personally and professionally she is dedicated to being the best version of herself and has felt empowered to be that in and outside of Jabil’s walls. 

“Jabil was and has always been supportive of my enlistment and have been committed to providing me with a diverse workplace,” she shared. “The military helped me achieve the success I’ve had at Jabil, but most importantly, I’ve always felt included and recognized for my service to our country in return.” 

When reflecting on her career journey, it is evident to her that she always knew she wanted to serve her country. She met with a recruiter and enlisted in the United States Army on her nineteenth birthday and later completed her basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  

Her military experience brought her to several places across the continental United States before bringing her back to her Floridian roots. She started in ordnance as an ammunition specialist in Huntsville, Alabama, then later reported to the 6th Cavalry Air Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas. These experiences brought her closer to understanding what kind of professional career she wanted to gain; upon her ETS release date from active duty, started her civilian career in the defense sector as a PCD assembler and as a certified class E solder.  

Prior to joining Jabil, Wanda held various positions working in the field of quality. Her first job and exposure to this line of work are what laid the foundation for what it means to perform your best with the highest quality mindset. She began her career with Jabil in various inspection positions throughout the manufacturing process. Notably, she finished her active reserve years at Jabil throughout this time as well, as part of the 231st Army Reserves Transportation Unit just before Operation Desert Storm.

Embracing a Culture of Inclusion 

Although there were other opportunities pursued in between the years 2007 and 2019, her growth in Operations and at Jabil spans over 36 years as a global CIQ (computer integrated quality) manager, and currently as a training manager. Wanda’s Jabil career has taken her across the world, enabling her to embrace the power of learning new cultures firsthand, meeting incredible people, and overall expanding her world view.  

Part of what makes working at Jabil so enjoyable is the ability to experience the world around her, cultures of other countries, and the innate nature of working with people from all backgrounds. This was learned early-on through her military experience and has carried over to her work at Jabil, and she has felt welcomed for the unique contributions she brings to the company, including her time serving in the military. 

“The differentiator at Jabil compared to anywhere else, has always been its people,” Wanda said. “I’ve always felt included and recognized since stepping through Jabil’s door over 36 years ago.” 

Jabil is honored to support service members and veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce, offering more than just a job, but a long-term career that values their integrity, work ethic, and servant leadership. 

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month with November 11 recognized as Veterans Day, honoring and celebrating those who served in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard or are currently Active Reservists. With approximately 19 million veterans in the United States (VA, 2021), veterans are an integral part of the workforce and our businesses.