Embracing our Differences: Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

Learning about and advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is an essential part of my work at Jabil. As a human resources project manager supporting sites in Asia, I’ve met many people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and talents. As I interact with more of my colleagues whose experiences vary from mine, I realize that these differences truly make us stronger as an organization. However, I have also come to understand that we can’t truly benefit from this diversity unless we provide the inclusive and equitable practices that make everyone feel like they belong at Jabil.

To contribute to Jabil’s culture of belonging, I volunteered to become a DEI Champion, where I continuously promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, while enabling all of our employees to celebrate their own individuality.

Being Your True Self

Throughout my journey as a DEI Champion, I’ve learned new ways to approach how I think about the world. One of the biggest takeaways I have learned is that unconscious bias can greatly impact my feelings and thoughts on others. One of the most important skills anyone can learn is recognizing your own biases and effectively mitigating them.

Sometimes we are also unconsciously afraid of other people’s possible biases towards us, which can make us feel scared to be our true selves at work. However, I have always believed that we need to be the change we want to see. By recognizing my own biases and educating people on how to mitigate theirs, I can help create an environment where every employee feels genuine belonging.

Different but United

Another way I help promote DEI initiatives at Jabil is by educating myself on different cultures and ethnicities, which is why I love celebrating Lunar New Year at my site. During this holiday, people from all over Jabil celebrate the new year of the lunar calendar in unique ways, including my colleagues across China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and many others. Supporting these activities has allowed me to see how the diversity of our company allows for more innovation and creativity. I feel that this holiday is a prime example of how we can be different yet united.

I will always strive to celebrate my colleagues’ differences, because I know that in the end, we are all one team, working together towards a common goal.

The DEI Champions program at Jabil is a global group of peers who are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion. They assist with all things DEI-related at their sites including event-planning, trainings and more that contribute to an equitable and inclusive culture at Jabil.