Make Your Voice Heard Podcast Series

Joules Podcast Series: Make Your Voice Heard

Building confidence and making your voice heard are two important skills in order to collaborate, share diverse ways of thinking and bring new ideas to the table. Leaders from Jabil St. Petersburg’s information technology department discussed skills they’ve acquired over the course of their careers on how to best share their ideas and opinions in a professional setting.

Bhaskar Ramachandran, vice president and divisional chief information officer, shared a personal story of finding his voice and gaining the respect of those around him (Three Ways to Make Your Voice Heard podcast).

Following that, Bhaskar moderated a panel session with Beth Walters, senior vice president and founder of Jabil Joules, along with three other female Jabil technology leaders, asking them how they practice confidence and what tactics they teach others to empower them to do the same.  

While it starts with learning strong communication skills and how to be best prepared, it's a lifelong practice of being confident. 

Podcast #1

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How I Made My Voice Heard

Listen to divisional CIO Bhaskar Ramanchandran's story of finding his voice in the workplace and learn what tactics helped him along the way.

Podcast #2

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Meetings Are Like Negotiations

Learn how to prepare and share your ideas and opinions in the best way.

Podcast #3

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Efficient Conversations & Encouraging Confidence

Tips to practice before meetings and how to empower others to join the conversation.

Podcast #4

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Using Passion and Emotion in the Workplace

How to leverage your passion for your work and career to make a stronger argument.

Podcast #5

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Take Control

Your career is in your hands.

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