Setting a Benchmark of Inspiration

For the last 18 years, my journey at Jabil has been diverse and enlightening, with my career here beginning as a machine support technician at Jabil Guadalajara. While in this role, I attended a meeting that a business unit manager was leading, and I was astonished at how he handled it. He not only took the lead in that meeting but also took full control of the decision-making process, equally keeping the customer’s wellbeing and Jabil’s benefits in mind. This was the moment I realized what direction I wanted my career to follow, so I began chasing my new professional goal – to become a business unit manager.

In the process of reaching that goal, I graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance, and progressed through multiple positions at Jabil, including buyer, commodity buyer and materials supervisor for different customer accounts. I then had the opportunity to become a business unit coordinator, and last year, I became a business unit manager for one of the largest customers at our site.

I never thought I’d join the manufacturing world, since I began my career in the banking industry, after getting my undergraduate degree in economics. My cousin was working at Jabil and persuaded me to interview, convincing me with the great company culture of an open, inclusive environment. I jumped right in and adapted quickly to this welcoming atmosphere and continue to consistently support new, innovative ideas from our employees that help improve Jabil’s manufacturing processes and customer relationships. Like the business unit manager who made me realize what I wanted to do with my career, I enjoy making decisions with the customer’s well-being in mind, while ensuring the results benefit Jabil.

Starting my Jabil career as a machine support technician has helped me more than I could imagine because I was able to learn the basic manufacturing and material processes, which helps me make better decisions as a business unit manager. This variety of experience gives me a better chance to be successful. I have always believed that a variety of ideas from employees can help solve problems quicker and more efficiently, using diverse strengths collectively to create the best results for Jabil and its customers.

It’s also extremely valuable to work with other departments, like finance, operations, materials and of course, our global counterparts. Without the different teams working together, it would be impossible to reach success across the company, as everyone’s work impacts another department’s goals.

Because Jabil is a global company, the best benchmarking is the one that is created by diversity of ideas and people, and I’m honored to be play a part in that.

Nylda Gomez
Article Contributed By:
Nylda Gomez
Business Unit Manager

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