We recognize that a transparent exchange of opinions and feedback from employees is essential for a high-performing company culture.

In April 2021, our “Your Voice Matters” platform was launched so our employees can confidentially share their thoughts on working for Jabil. The feedback is used to enrich employee well-being; enable employees to act with integrity every day; support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; and ensure employees have the support they need to help them succeed at Jabil.

With participation from 89 percent of our global workforce, we were thrilled to have been able to gather so much invaluable information from across the organization. Our findings showed employees feel Jabil is great at being a socially and environmentally responsible company; committed to having a safe work environment and enabling good teamwork; and providing high-quality products and services for our customers. Our employees expressed a desire for certain improvements, such as placing greater emphasis on personal recognition.

All feedback provides us with critical insights that serve to form the foundation for positive change, which supports employee job satisfaction and sustainable business growth.

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