Jabil Green Point Creates Industry-University Collaboration

Jabil Green Point Creates Industry-University Collaboration

Jabil Green Point Taichung has bridged the gap between the manufacturing industry and the educational system by inspiring university students through training, resources and on-the-job learning.

Due to its complexities, the manufacturing industry has been dominated by experts and apprentice level engineers, and the lack of youth seeking career opportunities has resulted in a high demand for skilled employees. Jabil and Taiwan universities created a program to support the next generation of engineers through classes led by industry-skilled leaders. Students learn the intricacies of engineering from theory to practice from Jabil Green Point Taichung employees which help them visualize a career within manufacturing.

This program has increased students electing for a degree in engineering and transition into a career. Upon completion of the internship, employment opportunities are earned by graduates interested in continuing their career.

Feng Chi University in Taichung found that 30 percent more students have chosen a degree in manufacturing due to the new program, and 12 students from the university are currently employed at Jabil Green Point. 

In addition to industry experts leading classes, Jabil has donated various equipment (such as wire cutters and molding and grinding machines) granting students access to an extensive laboratory with professional instruction.

This industry-university collaboration positively impacts students, enterprises and schools. Through one of Jabil Cares’ core values of Education, sites throughout the globe have similar programs to empower students to become the next generation of engineers.


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