Celebrating Disability Inclusion Across the Globe

As we recognize International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we want to highlight the global efforts Jabil employees are taking to empower individuals with disabilities throughout the year.

Partnerships to Promote Inclusion

Jabil Raron has maintained a partnership with Atelier Manus, a local Switzerland foundation that focuses on the promotion of the professional and social development of individuals with disabilities. Together with this organization, Raron has created new employment opportunities, hosted training for employees, and collaborated through a Jabil Cares volunteer event to create a more inclusive environment. 

Raron employees riding bikes at an even together.

“By connecting and engaging local institutions such as Atelier Manus, we have created new roles to include people with disabilities in our facility. We analyzed valuable tasks to empower individuals to drive meaningful work within Jabil and the community,” shared Kaspar Häni, Jabil Lean and PMO manager. “Together with Atelier Manus we are also organizing trainings open to all employees to raise awareness about the importance of disability inclusion.” 

Beginning in 2021, Baja, Mexico initiated a hiring program specific to neurodiversity, and cognitive and physical disabilities. With support from leaders, a dedicated cross-functional team, and inclusion at the forefront, this program focuses on awareness, accessibility, and hiring individuals with disabilities. Starting with education and disability inclusion training has enabled an understanding of how to foster an inclusive work environment for all employees. Accessibility is also a key component; facilities were assessed to promote workplace accommodations and best practices. With this foundation, they provide opportunities for engagement and advancement for employees and candidates with disabilities and supported employment opportunities for neurodiverse talent. The site has also partnered with local organizations such as Dominican Access to support their efforts and employees as they continue to expand and progress. 

Creating Awareness & Embracing Differences

Yi Jyun Lin, Ops Sign Language Instructor, with the caption "Jabil supports International Day of Sign Languages."Global days of awareness like International Day of Sign Languages highlight the power of unity generated by all sign languages. Jabil Taichung embraced this year’s theme of “A World Where Deaf People Can Sign Anywhere.” Employees had the opportunity and forum to learn from their colleagues who are deaf or hard of hearing, and ways to contribute to a more inclusive environment for everyone. The site came together for multiple activities to foster a shared understanding in the workplace, including a sign language class for colleagues and leaders alike. Taichung provides these opportunities for all employees to learn from their differences.

The Jabil team in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic has partnered with CONADIS, the National Council on Disability, and Dominican Access, a social enterprise that provides consulting services for creating accessible environments. Efforts have been led by our local human resources in collaboration with facilities and EHS to create employment opportunities, make improvements for accessibility through universal design best practices, and provide education and training around disability inclusion in the workplace. Recognized through “RD Includes 2022”, the Seal of Good Inclusive Practices for People with Disabilities, they were awarded for the actions taken to further the development and quality of life of people with disabilities and their families throughout the country. Jabil Dominican Republic was awarded in three areas: silver for Universal Accessibility in addition to bronze for Sensibilization and Awareness, and bronze for Employment. This national recognition is an incredible accomplishment for the team at Jabil Dominican Republic and advances efforts to create an inclusive culture for everyone, of all abilities. 

Empowerment through Community Outreach  

To recognize World Autism Month in April, Jabil was the proud presenting sponsor of Neurodiversity Night at Amalie Arena, where there was much to celebrate beyond the exciting Tampa Bay Lightning win that secured their spot in the playoffs. Jabil collaborated with our community partner, LiFT, along with several non-profit organizations to embrace neurodiversity within our community. As part of our sponsorship, LiFT students watched the morning warm-ups and participated in interactive activities during the game.

Additionally this year, the North Asia talent acquisition and talent management teams joined forces to celebrate National Disability Day in China. Employees volunteered with a local organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, where together, they spent the day learning sign language and strengthening their Jabil Cares impact within their community.

When we embrace different perspectives and learn from one another, we create more inclusive communities where everyone feels valued. Jabil is committed to creating a safe and equitable environment that enables everyone to bring their authentic selves to work every day. 

December 3 is the observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) established in 1992 by the United Nations. IDPD is observed to create awareness, break down barriers, promote the well-being of people with disabilities in all aspects of life, and advocate for inclusion globally.