Uzhgorod’s Regional Power Forum: Diversity Leads to Innovation

The Jabil Joules Regional Power Forums are creating positive energy around the diversity efforts at Jabil sites across the globe with the latest empowering event organized at our site in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, last week. Employees heard from executive, regional and local leadership and learned how diversity leads to innovation.

The idea of how individuals’ unique characteristics play an important role in company culture has been a popular topic at the Power Forums this year, with the Ukraine site focusing on how diversity also impacts innovation and the progression of the technology and manufacturing industries.

Alessandro Parimbelli, executive vice president and chief executive officer, shared some personal experiences and emphasized how every employee has the ability to positively impact Jabil’s future. And the Joules event was a great way to connect everyone around that idea. 

Diversity comes multiple forms whether it’s a cultural, generational or because of work experience and education. Jabil Uzhgorod Workcell Manager Silvia Likhtej is a prime example of such diversity with her background including dual university degrees in statistics and law and work experience including Lean, engineering and project management. During the panel session, Silvia told the audience that each time she moved into a different function, she brought a unique perspective with her from the previous focus area, which in turn helped bring innovative ideas to the table.

It’s not just about recognizing one’s own diversity, but it’s also about empowering others to showcase their own skills. It’s up to leaders and managers to create an open environment for employees to test their innovative ideas. As Sergiy Kartsev, operations manager of Jabil Uzhgorod, shared, “It’s about how we – as leaders – change the thinking of employees from ‘I will try’ to ‘I can’ and finally, ‘I will.’”  

Senior Vice President of EMS Operations JJ Creadon, echoed:

“The most important thing we can manage right now is to support our employees’ growth, helping them to understand what career possibilities are available and how they can achieve their goals.”

This event exemplified the Jabil culture tenant of Inspiration and demonstrated the mission of Jabil Joules in action – starting an open dialogue around diversity and inclusion through educating, mentoring and connecting employees.

The final Regional Power Forum of this fiscal year will be next month in Auburn Hills, Michigan – the location and state where Jabil began its story!