Embracing What Makes You Different

Embracing What Makes You Different

As I began pursuing a career in manufacturing, I was told I was making a mistake. Why was I trying to follow a traditionally “male” career path? Why was I pursuing a future in an industry that has a historically “machista” culture?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 16.8% of the manufacturing workforce were Hispanic females in just 2019. And because of that, I use my passion for my career to help the younger Latina generation pursue a career in this industry and show them that they are needed to help progress the field of manufacturing. 

My focus on mentoring is personal because I’ve been lucky enough to have many mentors in my lifetime. What I’ve learned and now share with others is how diversity helps us to look at the bigger picture: it allows us, as teams, to better understand challenges and find more creative opportunities for our customers and our people.

With those who I mentor, I spend as much time as they need, talking about their opportunities, helping them discover their passions, and encouraging them to utilize all that make them unique. In return, this makes them and our entire organization stronger.

Throughout my 21-year career at Jabil, I’ve been able to embrace my Latin heritage to build a career of which I’m proud, one driven by passion and purpose. Now as the lead for all Latin American operations for our healthcare sector, I have the honor of being able to positively impact our customers and their patients, our employees, and the communities in the region.

It’s now my mission, supported by the organization, to achieve operational excellence by serving as a leader who drives inclusivity and enhances my team’s best potential.

I’m proud of who I am and who our future diverse leaders will be. 

Evelyn Ferrer
Article Contributed By:
Evelyn Ferrer
Senior Director Latin America Regional Operations

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