Paving the Road to Resilience

Mental health impacts our thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices. It is vital to a fulfilling life and fundamental in building meaningful relationships and contributing to communities and the world. Although mental wellbeing influences many parts of our daily lives, a stigma remains around it. Far too often it can be ignored, and many times seeking professional help is done too late.

As mental health relates to so many facets of our lives, my passion for leading resiliency training at Jabil and the overall well-being of others can be explained in simple terms: helping people become the best versions of themselves.

At Jabil, I have conducted mental health resiliency workshops virtually across Asia and Europe since the end of 2021 for employees and more than 90 leaders. Hosting these sessions monthly, topics have included understanding health issues and Jabil’s health focus areas; building resilience and maintaining strong mental health; identifying burnout; and detecting and addressing mental health concerns as a leader.

My interest in these workshops derives from raising awareness of who can be impacted, as it is something that affects everyone, along with the importance of emotional regulation and agility. This interest turned into a mental health event that aims to inspire employees to be their best selves – mentally, physically, and socially.

Building Resilience: A Process that Takes Time

Our fast-paced culture leads to working hard, meeting tight deadlines and constantly staying connected. The speed of the modern times we live in can lead to stress and burnout. A key strategy to helping employees cope with stress and work challenges is resilience. Improving resilience personally and professionally is critically important, as most employees identify work as the number one stressor in their lives.

It's important to note that resilience isn’t achievable overnight. My goal of hosting resiliency workshops at Jabil is to explore how stress builds up, the physical and mental implications, and create long-lasting stress management habits that can be achieved over time.

Offering mental health training in the workplace can make a meaningful difference, improve employee productivity and engagement, and promote psychological safety. Employees become empowered, motivated, capable of dealing with change and less prone to burnout, which boosts company culture, loyalty, and morale.

I am proud to lead training that contributes to the culture of wellbeing at Jabil. World Mental Health Day is critical to recognize in October and continuously throughout the year. We can all contribute and play a part in creating a psychologically safe and healthy space for all.

World Mental Health Day, celebrated on October 10 each year, is an international day recognized by the United Nations to help raise awareness of mental health issues worldwide and mobilize efforts to support mental health.