Stress Management: Personal Resiliency Methods

Stress Management: Personal Resiliency Methods

Stress is part of our everyday lives, and it can stem from many things, whether it’s the recent social restrictions, career path changes, personal life events, or something else. However, developing strategies to cope with stress is essential no matter the circumstance to ensure it doesn’t affect your work, team, family or life.

There are diverse ways you can work through these emotions, and two Jabil leaders discuss different coping methods that have helped them during tough times. This week, Anna Jozwicka-Kozurno, shares a personal resiliency method to destress either at work or at home.

By: Anna Jozwicka-Kozurno, senior talent partner manager

With the “new normal” comes a strong sense of discomfort to say the least. We are suffering from a feeling of longing for the past, dealing with the restrictions and stress of today, and having anxiety for the unknowns.

Personally, I miss the old days of passing by people in the hallway closer than six feet, the friendly handshake greetings, the business of a full canteen while everyone enjoys a snack together, and the little things in between.

Instead of focusing too much on these things, though, there’s something else we can do to change our mentality. One simple act can help you get through tough, stressful times whether it’s professional or personal. It’s something I honestly only became aware of recently; a lesson taught by a three-year old. 


Without discrediting the struggles you’re going through at that time, gratitude helps you notice things you have still. It’s an objective way to view the world around you and help you dig into the wells of your strength. For example, if you start to feel alone, a toddler’s reminder is: “We have so many people here still (in our lives). Grandma, your brothers, and me!” 

Whether it’s a personal battle given the state of the world today or a work-related situation with a customer or production discrepancy, it’s a good practice as a leader to stop and think of the things that are still there, things that are going well.

I’m grateful for my team and their personal strengths, servant leaders who are showing immense compassion right now, customers who are still in operation, my family who makes me smile and laugh, and the list goes on.

For future quarterly reviews, I’m going to always include the things I’m grateful for with my team. It’s the Jabil culture – the values of integrity, innovation and caring for each other truly shine through during difficult times.

Anna Jozwicka-Kozurno
Article Contributed By:
Anna Jozwicka-Kozurno
Senior Talent Partner Manager

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