Welcome to Jabil Joules

I’ve been asked how I’ve lasted 20 years at Jabil, in this challenging, driven environment. In short: Energy. It takes commitment, drive and energy to thrive in any situation, but it is especially true in a hard-charging environment like Jabil’s. In thinking about the many wonderful women who work at Jabil, I contemplated what one word or characteristic would describe a successful Jabil female. Energy. A joule is a unit of exerted energy. Pronounced, “jewel,” which is amusing, because I do consider us precious as well.

To me, we’re all Jabil Joules — full of energy and the driving force that can make a difference at Jabil and for our families, our friends and ourselves. And that is why we’ve named our new blog Jabil Joules.

The main goal of Jabil Joules blog is to get the conversation going on at Jabil. Blog articles will strive to both educate and empower. We will also profile female leaders, both inside and outside of Jabil. Your input and engagement will be vital to the success of the blog. This is your platform to pose and answer questions, request information and support your peers.

To meet the challenge of gender diversity in business, everyones should be involving. Please encourage all your Jabil colleagues, especially women, to read Jabil Joules to help them gain a better understanding of how they can champion gender diversity and support the career advancement of female employees.

While ultimately it is my intention to get a formalized Woman’s Leadership program going at Jabil, Jabil Joules blog will serve as our first step – allowing the dialogue to begin. Thanks for your passionate interest.

What is a Joule ? [jool, joul]

Please check back – and comment – often.