Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

State-of-the-Art CNC Tools for Diverse Plastics and Metals

Jabil Computer Numerical Control Machining

As manufacturing technologies continue to improve and become more precise, the demand for consistent quality in manufactured products has paved the way for more advanced innovations. With Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, factory tools and machinery are controlled by computer software. This form of manufacturing allows for factory machinery to run autonomously and process a wide range of materials.

CNC machining offers more accuracy and consistency in the materials produced. Because of the elimination of a manual operator at each individual machine, CNC automated solutions offer lowered manufacturing costs and a faster time to market. Jabil CNC solutions offer customers access to the latest cutting-edge machine tools, CAD (computer aided design), CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and CAE (computer aided engineering) software to meet the demands to produce high-quality materials. Because of Jabil’s extensive knowledge and expertise of the manufacturing process, our computer numerical control offerings provide customers with many benefits in production and efficiency:

  • Precision components made with extreme accuracy
  • Increased rate of production with CNC machine tools that can operate 24/7
  • Ease of scalability with machines that can easily configure to match volume requirements
  • Reduced labor costs with machine tools that are faster, more accurate and more efficient
  • Increased factory safety with operators controlling CNC machines from a distance
  • Uniform product with machines creating products that match exact specifications
  • Increased capabilities and versatility with advanced CNC machines that can produce a limitless range of products with a simple change of a program

Jabil CNC Offerings

Jabil multi-axis, multi-tasking CNC machine tools, applied with the latest computer-assisted design and manufacturing technologies, enable high-quality serialized processing of diverse plastics and metals. Our complimentary processes include thixomolding, die casting, forging, and a variety of surface and coating treatments. And with substantial experience in cosmetic metal parts, high-volume Jabil production facilities perform comprehensive metalworking from stamping and laser welding to anodizing and plating. Jabil CNC machine solutions easily handle complex tooling processes to streamline production and increase efficiency.

With partners and facilities across the world, combined with a leading presence across many established and emerging markets, Jabil CNC tools are designed to handle the needs of the world’s top brands and products. Jabil designs, engineers, and builds computer numerical control solutions to help our customers meet the needs of ever-increasing technological demands:

  • Pre-engineered platforms provide building blocks based on the most current industry requirements to accelerate time-to-market and significantly reduce non-recurring engineering costs.
  • Providing customizable hardware solutions such as metal the chassis lets our customers focus on their core differentiators such as software, performance optimization, and product development.
  • As a world-class engineering, manufacturing, and service provider — with long-standing relationships with global suppliers and logistics partners — Jabil drive efficiencies in the supply chain without compromising on cost, quality, agility, or risk.

A Trusted Partner, Exceptional Results

Even the most advanced technology can’t replace a solid business partner. While Jabil has access to computer numerical control tools, materials and software that make it uniquely prepared to handle any customer need, what sets Jabil apart from others is the culture of collaboration and the teams of designers and engineers determined to bring out the best in our clients’ products. Our extensive services provide customers with a knowledgeable partner that can find opportunities for growth and innovation—while having the means to quickly design and execute those plans with successful results.

With Jabil, clients are introduced to a world of innovation and collaboration that is backed by rigorous testing and analysis to ensure a successful path for market success. As a manufacturing solutions provider with over 50 years of leadership and expertise, we make sure that the innovations clients produce are optimized for every phase of the product lifecycle:

  • A single point of accountability — unique, secure workcell models with dedicated leads and production lines
  • Proprietary, integrated test methodologies that ensure maximum product throughput and minimum materials loss and resource waste
  • Intelligent, digital supply-chain solutions that ensure you build in the right location, source the right materials, and reach your target markets — all for the lowest cost
  • Investments in next-generation capabilities, tools, processes, and people
  • The unique Jabil Blue Sky Center that facilitates advanced, collaborative ideation and rapid prototyping

Jabil CNC services adapt readily to your evolving business and product needs, from design and fabrication through complex integration, validation, and test. Our flexible approach streamlines the entire product lifecycle, empowering you to focus on what matters most to your business — with the peace of mind that Jabil has the rest covered.

Jabil’s Computer Numerical Control expertise is located throughout the world.